Statue Of Equality Update: Copper plates work of Statue of Equality is complete. The sheet metal production and the steel structure is complete.

Dynamic Fountain Update: The grinding of copper plates of DF is completed. The pre-assembly of the big and small lotus petals of DF is under progress. The fabrication of action mechanism of one set of big and small lotus petals is completed and the full set of action mechanism will be completed by next week. 1st batch i.e.,70% of the action mechanism parts of DF will be received at the site shortly.

33 copper plates of 4th & 5th levels of the body have been fixed. The installation of Dharma wheel & conch on the flowers is completed.

Also, Ultrasonic tests for the columns and welded joints went through successfully conducted by the respective authorized personnel.

We invite you all to visit the site and be part of this mission to secure the future generations under the able guidance of Bhagavad Ramanuja’s philosophy that propagates equality of everyone under the eyes of the Supreme Power.


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