Discussions regarding the Landscaping of the Ramanuja Shatabdhi have commenced in the presence of his holiness Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.

Swamiji highlighted that one or the other of 108 Divya Deshams will have Utsavams for one of the Perumals almost every day of the year. Swamiji pointed that the landscaping should be big enough to accommodate the procession during these Utsavas.

He also mentioned that these pathways should be used for the battery cars allotted for the senior citizens during the visit to Divya Desams. Swamiji along with Dr Rameshwar Garu suggested that the pathway should be wide so that the cars in two directions should be able to pass by freely.

The same pathway will be used for the processions during the Perumal Utsavas.

Discussions were also done for the pooja services that will be under taken in the Ramanuja Swarna Moorthy Sannidhi.

Ideas about Rain water harvesting in the Ramanuja  Shatabdhi  premises to better utilize the rain water have been discussed by the group.

Group of Engineers consisting of –Structural Consultant Ramesh Mantha Garu, DNV Prasad Garu, Lead landscaping Architect of Hyderabad Naveen Garu and My Home group Jagadish Garu, have  visited the front premises of Divya Deshams and selected a piece of land for creating the mock up landscape.This will be  presented to Swamiji  for his review and approval.


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