Good News Dear Supporters !!
Bhagawad Ramanuja is appearing in Badrinath too to bless the whole world from the Himalayan tops.
For the benefit of all people, HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji has taken up the new project of consecrating Ramanujacharya in Ashtakshari Kshethram, Badrinath – one among the108 divya desams. The rough terrains and shortage of labour is going to make this a challenging project.  The idol  of Ramanujacharya will be located next to the Sri Rama Krathu Stupam built by Sri Sri Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji. The height of the Statue of Equality – Badrinath will almost be equal to the Sri Rama Krathu Sthupam.  A team has been engaged and drawings have been completed.

Here are the details:

Contact Information :

JIVA Campus, Sri Ramanagaram, Muchintal Road,
Palmakol P.O.Samshabad, HYDERABAD 509325
Contact: 9553549971, 72
Email: [email protected]