Donations made using QR Code or Bank Transfers for any currency

You can see your donations/registrations history in the Donor Dashboard section, if you create the account. We recommend you to create the account for easy download of receipts at any time.

All your donations are Tax deductible. Please contact by email ( or call us on +91 7901 422 022 for any questions regarding tax exemption.

NOTE: Please ensure you fill the form after the donation in any currency and any transfer mode (QR Code or Bank Transfer) you have made. Else we will not be able to send you the donation confirmation receipt. Any donation above INR 50000.00 PAN number is mandatory.

Steps to donate using QR Code 

  • One of the quickest and easiest way to donate.
  • Just open your UPI or Wallet app, scan the QR code on the which is displayed on the form and then donate.
  • After donation please fill the form as we need your details to send you the donation confirmation receipt.
  • You can choose to dedicate the donation to any of family member.
  • Select the date of participation in the event so that we will send the entry passes for those dates as per the donation amount. If you are not sure of the date, you can leave it empty.

NOTE: Once we receive the details we will get back to you and map your donations to your email Id and you will be able to download the donation receipt from the Donor Dashboard.

What happens after form submission?

  • An email confirmation will be sent to your email id  fromStatue of Equality”. If the email is not in your inbox, please check the spam folder.
  • Further on, we will be communicating to you over the email / phone number which you have given during the registration process.
  • Meanwhile for any questions you can reach us on or call us on our toll free number.

INFO: The details which you provide will help us to generate the passes for you to participate in the event. So please do ensure you submit the details. Thank you for understanding.