November 10th, 2016


18th Oct 2016

An exemplary act of gratitude and love towards Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami and Bhagavad Ramanujacharya Swamy

Please read below for the exact words written by the youth team who climbed up the hills by knees… – exclusively for you all !

“The foremost reason for us climbing Up the hill was just to enlighten the Sri Vaishnava brothers, sisters and all the volunteers around us, as the Sahasrabdi Project is on the way So An act in the form of a gift for Acharya on His Shastipoorti, by GlorifyingBhagavad Ramanujacharya Swamy. Firstly it was only 5 of us who planned for this but later 4 more devotees have joined us.And on the way up we had to face some unexpected turnings as well ….

On 18th Oct we have started from Srivari Mettu Margam at 5:30 pm in the evening, (or some reasons we were fored to start late , though we planned to start early in the morning)

And at the start near the Sri Srinivasa’s temple (Starting point of Srivari Mettu Margam) we have done “PADA PUJA” for Swamy varu and read out the Saranagati Deeksha Prayers.

Chanting “Sarva Desa Dasa Kaleshu..”

Clothes tied to our knees , we started climbing Up

And after an hour when we were exactly on 216th step and Offered it to “Ramanujacharyas Statue Of Equality”

Security Officials came to us and stopped us saying that it would be dangerous in the night as wild animals would move around in the way

Though we pleaded them, they strictly prohibited us and asked us to return back or move forward, So for that reason we had to stop there and move forward by walk.

We were in a dilemma as what to do

Is it Gods play or what

We have given our word to Acharya that we will climb up on knees and this happened, may be we should stop here.

But Swamy Varu has not objected us when we said him about this plan, instead he gave his blessings to do this, because he wanted this to happen. So the very next minute we confirmed ourselves that we will come back again in the morning and start from the same point where we were stopped by the security 216th step

The next morning 6 of us returned back and started from the same point and 5 of us could climb up the Sri Venkatachalam Hill in 5 hours.

And definitely only with Swamy Varu’s blessings

“Let Hanuman Be With You All”

We could climb the sacred hill and for us this service is already a success

As we were chanting Ramanujarya Divyagna Sloka and doing Ramanuja Nama Kirtana ,the Devotees who were walking through the way along with us asked us what vow(mokku) is this, for what are you people doing this

We explained them that 1000years ago Bhagavad Ramanujacharya climbed up in this way Proving The Sacredness Of the hill

He is the Guru of Sri Srinivasa and this is his 1000th birth year of Swamy and we are Chinna Jeeyar Swamy’s disciples….

And here Definitely mission accomplished spreading The Glory Of Acharya

Devotees who climbed up the hill of Tirupati

Srinivas Ramanuja Dasa
Veerapandya Ramanuja Dasa
Brahma Hari Das
Shanthan Ramanuja Dasa

The 6th devotee Sai Ramanuja Dasa, who couldn’t climb up, has done Sashtanga Pranamams vertically falling on the steps all the way

3 others who started with us on first day (Upto 216th step)

Rakesh, Nikhil, Srihari

After this we have done 60 Pradakshinas around Srivari Alayam (As a mark for Swamy Varu’s Shastipoorti) reading “Sri Venkatachala Itihasa Mala” , making Lord Srinivasa Hear the Samskaranas done by his Acharya Bhagavad Ramanujacharya Swamy

And Realise The Restless Service Of Our Acharya(Chinna Jeeyar Swamy) In spreading the same

We questioned ourselves

“What happens if you’ll do these Chantings, Pradakshinas and climbing Up the hill, do you’ll really think that there is a chance of getting back the Vaibhavam of Acharya on Tirumala and the samskaranas in the present scene”

And we even got the answer “When Chinna Jeeyar Swamy Varu could get Bhagavad Ramanujacharya Swamy (Statue Of Equality) back to life after 1000 years, why cant the Samskaranas done byBhagavad Ramanujacharya Swamy get back”

And to our firm belief, though we did not go for darshan, the very next day after climbing Up the hill ,

we were really blessed in a way that we could never forget

That is Bhagavad Ramanujacharya Swamycame out along with Malayappa Swamy in the procession, as it was “Ardra Nakshatram”

Such a blessed moment it was….”

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