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Say Yes to Equality!

Equality Movement is a people’s movement with a foundational belief that every human regardless of nationality, gender, race, caste or creed is entitled for a healthy life filled with strength, confidence, happiness, and perpetual bliss.

In the current world, geo­political harmony is in a state of flux, where people live amidst multitude of challenges including fear of war, political strife, poverty, global disparity, endangered sociality, depleting natural resources, and religious fundamentalism. Inequality is almost a related cause to most of these challenging conditions across the globe.

Equality movement stands to

  • Inspire greater compassion among humanity

  • Promote equality across the globe

  • Inspire people to liberate themselves from pandemic social, cultural, and, economic discriminations

  • Induce positive attitude amidst people for generations to come

  • Motivate people and embrace equality as a true path and a destination to attain inner peace and world harmony

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