• Shed your ego. Love the devotees of God
  • Serve the society which is the universal form of God
  • Nobody is infallible
  • Do not humiliate anyone
  • What is of supreme importance is purity of mind and deed.

Ramanujacharya taught that the conquest of passion and attachment was the solution for the miseries of life.
In this Kali Yuga, when all other efforts are of no use, He is the great Guru Acharya and God that shows us the true path!

About Ramanujacharya – Much Earlier to 1000 Years

  • Made temple authorities to allow oppressed and downtrodden people into temples.
  • Explained very categorically that the Creator of World is impartial, He never rejects any one and provided all with NARAYANA MANTHRA.
  • Propounded a theory that one gets honor not by caste but based on his spiritual knowledge and practice only. Said that he is prepared to go to hell even if the World gets rid of pains and sins on account of him.
  • Proved that the weakness of persons if properly treated than abusing them , then those persons only will become the strong foundations for a right society.
  • Made temples, the then nucleus centers of the society, as places to share variety of services for all castes. Thus he opened the temple doors for all castes, so that all form one family of God.
  • Misinterpretations created to Vedic literature were solved, and proved that every letter of Veda is authentic and authoritative, no need to create secondary meanings to any manthra.
  • Taught the procedure to worship god with Love and not with fear for He is the Ocean of Grace. Declared that the world is the Divine Form of God Almighty. Hence everything is true and nothing is illusionary. It was then Ramanuja initiated to take care of the Nature and Her resources like Water, Air, Earth, Plants etc., sacred and should be protected from pollution.
  • Provided Conch Shell (Sankha), and Disc (Chakra) to Sri Venkateswara of Thirumala and thus became Acharya (preceptor) even to Him.
  • It would be very less whatever we offer to such a great and venerable Gurudev, who spent a meaningful and noble life for 120 years.
  • Of late, this society gets wretched/depressed on account of tensions of disparities and blows of Terrorism. The path blessed by BHAGAVAD RAMANUJA, is THE NEED OF THE HOUR. This Statue Of Equality, Samatha Murthy Spoorthi Kendra, is thus needed by the world.

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