Out of the 106 centres of inspiration that are on this land, 11 of them have raised above Foundation level. Chitravana, Upapeetam, Adhishtanam have beautifully shaped up mirroring the original centres!

39 of them have CRS wall being constructed. 16 of them are in the stage of excavation level. 4 of them are in the Foundation level. 18 of them are in Grade slab level. 18 of them yet to start!

Thirukarungudi Temple
Thirukkovalur Temple
Thiruvananthapuram Temple
Thiruvaragunamangai Temple
Thiruvananthapuram Temple
Thiruvanvandoor Temple
Thiruvattar Temple
Thiruvidanthai Temple
Tiruvelukkai Temple
Thriuppathisaram Temple
Thiruvaheendrapuram Temple